Little Saints Preschool


Little Saints Preschool is an outreach ministry to families with children who two, three and four years old.  Our preschool offers learning opportunities and social interaction for its students.  Guided by our talented and caring staff, our “little saints” are taught reading, writing, arithmetic, and other necessary skills in preparation for entry into elementary school.


Little Saints Preschool is dedicated to providing children with the very best opportunity to grow with their peers while developing a healthy sense of self.  We achieve this goal by providing a loving and nurturing environment under the guidance of a qualified staff that understands the developmental needs of the preschool child; by affording a positive atmosphere, an enriching curriculum, the appropriate physical facilities and the proper resources.


Since our classroom sizes are kept small to assist students in individual learning and to give opportunities for more teacher-student interaction, our admission process is very competitive.


For more information about Little Saints or to request an application, contact Little Saints, 517 Line Street, Grenada, MS  38901, 662-226-8007 or our church office.


Preschool Staff

June Monteith, Director

Sherry McElroy, Co-teacher, Two-year old and Three-year old Classes

Jan Teas, Teacher, Co-teacher, Two-year old and Three-year old Classes

Tammy Wood, Co-teacher, Fours-year old Class

Jessica Richardson, Co-teacher, Four-year old Class


Preschool Board Members

Amy Harlow, President

Gaby Brasher

Brad Garrett

May May Haley

Olivia Hartanovich, Secretary

Lauren Leslie

Ryan Williams