About All Saints

Situated on Main Street, just south of the Square, All Saints Parish stands as an icon of God’s steadfast and lasting presence in downtown Grenada.  While we may be relatively small in numbers on any given Sunday with anywhere from fifty to eighty people in the pews, the good people of All Saints have big hearts and big hopes for what it means for us to share “the gifts of God for the people of God” both at the altar of Holy Eucharist and at the altars of the world. 

 As a congregation of the Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi: “One church in mission, inviting, transforming and reconciling. We seek to serve Christ in all persons and to respect the dignity of every human being.”  More specifically, our mission statement at All Saints is “to share the love of God, welcoming all people, caring for each other in time of need, providing servant ministries in our community.”  Grounded and centered in the love of God, with God’s help, we strive:

  •      To build upon the strengths of our Anglican traditions to spread the Gospel;

  •    To continue to expand our community involvement by being aware of our needs, resources and limitations and encouraging cooperation with others;

  •     T0 increase our parish family’s fellowship and spiritual development; accepting our imperfections and differences; and

  •  To openly face conflict and work to resolve it.


In practical terms, that means we strive to share God’s love in real and incarnate ways through common worship, music, fellowship, outreach, pastoral care and myriad creative expressions of our faith, such as story-telling, knitting, gardening, home repairs, baking, teaching, book group, Bingo, caroling, crafts, study, prayer groups and much more.  In these and other ways, we strive to dig deeply into what we have received through “Scripture, Tradition and Reason”; and we strive to “seek and serve Christ in all people” and to be Christ’s hands and heart to one another, this community and the world. 

All are invited and welcome to enter in and to share in our common life and worship: to Gather in the Lord’s Name, to Share the Love of God, to Share in the Common Table, the bread and wine, the Body and Blood of Christ, and to “Go into the world in peace to love and serve the Lord.”